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Welcome to the Proteintech Learning Center! Here you will learn more about antibodies and their applications。
The structure and interactions with antigen of antibody.
Antibody Basics (EN, PDF)

Descriptions of the production and purification of mouse monoclonal and rabbit polyclonal antibodies.
        Anitbody production and purification (EN, PDF)

In-depth explanations for many antibody applications including helpful step-by-step diagrams.

        Anitbody applications (EN, PDF)
        ELISA (EN, PDF)
        Western Blot (EN, PDF)
        Immunohistochemistry (EN, PDF)
        Immunofluorescence (EN, PDF)
        Flow Cytometry (EN, PDF)
        Immunoprecipitation (EN, PDF)


        Quick Protocols (EN, PDF)
        Indirect ELISA (EN, PDF)
        Sandwich ELISA Protocol (EN, PDF)
        Western blot (EN, PDF)

Download our Quick Protocols - a helpful memory aid reference in the lab!

Technical FAQs

        Antibody Storage Guide (EN, PDF)
        Western blot FAQs (EN, PDF)
        ELISA FAQs (EN, PDF)
        ChIP FAQs (EN, PDF)
        IHC and ICC FAQs (EN, PDF)
        Flow Cytometry FAQs (EN, PDF)

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