Custom Antibody Production

Polyclonal Antibody Development

Yihyson has offered polyclonal antibody manufacturing services for more than four decades. Our expertise includes using a variety of different hosts for the development of polyclonal antibodies, including the most commonly used New Zealand white rabbits, Goats, sheep.
Our list of services includes consultation, peptide or protein antigen production, antibody generation, purification and conjugation of reporter molecules. When combined these services form the basis to create a custom antibody reagent capable of performing in the desired immunoassay. Clients may select only antisera generation, or may choose to perform purification and more.

The steps for custom antibody generation workflow are shown below:

Each step is optional, as we offer a truly custom antibody service and strive to meet all of our customers’ specific needs. We are confident we can support your custom antibody development requirements throughout all stages of polyclonal antibody manufacturing.

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Monoclonal Antibody Development

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