Cell culture

PAN-Biotech is a modern and innovative company with headquarters in Aidenbach / Germany.

The company was founded in 1988, expanded its business and set up its own research and production facilities in the following years to finally reach its actual size.

PAN-Biotech is a major producer of biotechnological products which are distributed worldwide and used for scientific research at universities and pharmaceutical companies as well as for production purposes in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. 

The company develops, produces and distributes a wide range of innovative biotechnological products for all areas of cell culture. The product range includes new serum- and proteinfree media, serum (FBS) from different countries of origin including special variants and a broad variety of classical and special media for cell culture.

Yihyson Biological Technology Company is the exclusive distributor of SeraPure, which is fully owned by Pan-Biotech for the sales of its products in China.

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